About us

A 1000 miles journey..

In the beginning there was Netbox

We started as a small IT support company with network and system administration, retail and very limited application development

Complete shift to ERP industry..

This is when we decided to completely adopt Odoo (ex OpenERP ex ex TinyERP) as our primary technology. It was also funny to shift from closed source to open source mindset 

Welcome Modoolar!

This year was important milestone in our history since this is when we became known as Modoolar. Also, this is when we decided to expand our operations and services directly to the end clients.

We believe that Modoolar brand will change the world in the time ahead. 

Modoolar - the first Odoo Gold partner in Southeast Europe

We started to develop our business analysis team which quickly increased our delivery capacity. Beside implementing Odoo projects worldwide, we also started building our own products on Odoo platform. One of the great successes was Odoo Scrummer which we decided to open source and give it back to the community

Modoolar - a promoter of Agile in (Odoo) world

After the great success of Odoo Scrummer, we decided to keep on that track and set up a new company called AgileHumans. AgileHumans is recognized as a leading brand in this part of Europe and the company which helps others to agilify their business. 

We grow every day. Individually and collectively 

Modoolar has become one of the leaders in designing and implementing open source business solutions in Southeast Europe. Today, we are proud to say that we are a team of young and passionate people whose main goal is to improve everyone's life through disruptive products and services. 

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