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When you find that you are lacking the expertise necessary for solving an obstacle in the development of your business, we can help you alleviate the problem. Let us get to the root of the problem and recommend the optimal solution.


Whether you are experienced in using Odoo and need advanced expertise, or if you are just starting and want to know what Odoo can do for your business, we are the right people to consult. 

Agile Business Development & Organizational Culture

The application of Agile principles needs to be inspected and adapted and we have the expertise to help you make sure your business is on track. With experience in many different industries and with companies of various sizes, we can find examples of best practice and offer you solutions that are guaranteed to work!

Agile Software Development Processes 

The agile software development process is not just meetings and planning. It is also about how software is developed, maintained and released. We would work with you to: 

  • establish a delivery pipeline (from dev to acceptance to production with a push of a button)

  • establish process of monitoring and control of the technical debt,  

  • establish automatic performance measurement of mission critical areas of the application,

  • work closely with the development team to educate them how to plan, negotiate, prioritize and deliver,

  • reduce release cycles while speeding up the development process.

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