Collaborative PO

10/25/2018 09:00 to 10/25/2018 17:00 (Europe/Belgrade)

Belgrade, Serbia

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Course Outline

The Product Owner role is highly creative and highly collaborative and both novices and seasoned professionals sometimes struggle to achieve greatness or just get things done. This course helps you be more effective in establishing and maintaining meaningful collaboration with developers, users, designers, testers and other stakeholders. Through a series of outside the box methods, such as visual exploration, confrontation, physical exercises, storytelling and real life examples, you will learn about:

The Request/Response Model
Big-picture thinking
PO and stakeholder collaboration
PO and team collaboration
Product shepherding for multi-team Scrum
Team story-writing
Emerging a definition of done
Release of control
Distribution of ownership
Personal introspection

Take a step closer to mastering the elusive skill of collaboration by learning from the proven master.

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Hilton Belgrade
Kralja Milana 35


From 10/25/2018 09:00
To 10/25/2018 17:00



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