We modoolate solutions to your uniqueness!

We take end-to-end responsibility of a software system

From initial idea, through rapid prototyping to final design. We like to build optimal solutions. The one that will help system stay ongoing, relevant and commercially viable for the client, the software that is crafted.

The system that will be able to have many many efficient throughout its life-cycle. The system will be built using Microsoft and open source technology stack, e.g. Microsoft Azure, .NET Core, Angular and Ionic. We would built it on microservices, with clean APIs, fully CI/CD with optimal test coverage. This would be done in a cost-effective and sustainable way. The team behind it has 10+ years of relevant experience developing software systems for insurance, banking, health care and other industries, so your system will be rock-solid and you won't be afraid to release often and early!

We also handle Migrations to Azure. We assess your application to determine "Cloud fitness". If your application is unfit for the cloud, we will propose solutions to make it cloud compatible. We plan and execute your cloud migration.

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