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one solution!

We are one-stop-shop for Odoo solution development, from business and gap analysis, through development and deployment to maintenance and support, training and coaching

We are Odoo certified professionals with the knowledge to apply and tailor Odoo best practices in any given organization. In addition, we build cool proprietary apps for Odoo, such as Scrummer.

We also take end-to-end responsibility for building custom software systems. Our team has more than a decade of experience which they utilize to build rock-solid solutions using Microsoft and open source technology stack, e.g. Microsoft Azure, .NET Core, Angular and Ionic.


One need, one app!

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Odoo has never been more agile!

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Microsoft Solutions

Modoolated to your uniqueness!

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We take an Agile approach to software development – an Alternative to Waterfall

Most people usually believe that in the standard software development approach we have a sequence of the following activities: analysis, design, implementation, testing and deployment.

Although it sounds reasonable, this approach would unfortunately work only if we had perfect knowledge in the beginning and never made mistakes along the way.

Here is where Agile and Scrum come in.

Scrum is a Agile management framework for incremental product development using one or more cross-functional, self-organizing teams. It provides a structure of roles, meetings, rules, and artifacts. Teams are responsible for creating and adapting their processes within this framework. Scrum uses fixed-length iterations, called Sprints, which are typically 1-2 weeks long (never more than 30 days). Scrum teams attempt to build a potentially shippable (properly tested) product increment every iteration.

Make your organization and your team agile!