Certified Agile Training

Agile Team

Taking expertise and collaboration to the next level of creativity and integration.

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Agile CEO

Driving value your way 

Agile for Executives

Lead the way through Agile practices and empower your organisation. 

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Agile Coach

Crunching the road inch by inch

Hi, Agile Coach!

The world needs you more then ever. Learn the awesome basics or improve your coaching skills and help your organisation achieve maximum benefit from your Agile transformation

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Agile Culture

 Determining success

Culture eats strategy for breakfast!

Creating agile culture is the hardest part of any agile transformation. Change your mindset and everything else will be easier. 

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Product Owner

Defining valuable products 

Hi, Product Owner!

They expect you to be responsible for return on investment. Learn how to really take power in your hands. 

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Scrum Master

Making processes flow

Hi, Master of Processes and Lord of Soft-Skills

Whether your are new or advanced in this complex role, you can always learn how to "balance them all". 

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Assertive Communicator

Expressing yourself in difficult conversations 

Grow in communication!

 We have heard so many times that we have to be aggressive if we want to fight for ourselves or our rights. An assertive person never raises his or her voice. Amazing, right?

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