Advanced Subscription 
and Billing Platform

Streamline your billing process 

Say goodbye to the struggles of creating accurate recurring invoices every month. Introducing our advanced subscription and billing platform designed to streamline your entire Subscription process. With our automated invoicing system, you'll save valuable time, as the system takes care of invoice preparation effortlessly.

Backward Invoicing

Simplify your invoicing process by generating invoices. With Backward Invoicing feature, you can retroactively bill your customers accurately and efficiently. This scenario is a must-have feature for most of the industries and business cases out there

Individual Service Delayed Start

Optimize your subscription management by introducing a delay start in individual service activation compared to the global contract start. Ensure that services only commence after a specified waiting period (ie. start billing your Support service only after the Server deployment)

End-of-Month Synchronization

Enhance your invoice creating with End-of-Month Synchronization. Simplify calculation and streamline invoicing by synchronizing subscription cycles with the end of each month. Our platform will prorate the 1st and the last month of the contract according to the start date

Dynamic Consumption

With Subscription Dynamic Consumption feature, adapt your billing to align with variable consumption rates from external sources. This feature enables you to charge customers based on actual usage, resulting in fairer and more cost-effective billing, provided by 3rd party technical platforms. In case you need more time to prepare your customer invoices, you can use the Invoicing Delay period to collect actual usage from the external platforms 

This solution runs seamlessly with our another  solution Odoo4Serbia