Modoolar solutions

We create advanced, easy-to-use business solutions that help businesses increase their profit and turnover. The most important value of Modoolar brand is a customer-centric strategy that positions the client at the focus of every business aspect.

D3S ® - Next Generation ERP solution

Introducing our powerful lead management system that is designed to streamline your sales process empowered by a sophisticated creditworthiness assessment tool and credit scoring. Our software features advanced data enrichment with autocomplete function, KYC automated capabilities and impressive data visualization.

O4S ® - Accounting made for everyone 

The O4S Modoolar localization for the Odoo platform provides a comprehensive and adaptable solution for efficient management of accounting and business processes. With localized modules aligned with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, our application enables users to focus on business rather than paperwork.

Odoo business solutions

Odoo offers more than 60 main applications which are regularly upgraded. They run seamlessly together to deliver powerful enterprise-class software to companies of all sizes and industries. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of what we offer:

Website Apps

Sales Apps

Finance Apps

Inventory & Manufacturing Apps

Human Resources Apps

Marketing Apps

Productivity Apps