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Odoo4Serbia, localization for the Odoo platform provides a comprehensive and adaptable solution for efficient management of accounting and business processes. With localized modules aligned with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia, our application enables users to focus on business rather than paperwork.

By using our solution, you can significantly reduce costs and increases business efficiency. Our application automates processes such as invoicing, inventory and payment management, procurement and sales, and document management (DMS). Along with process automation, the O4S Modoolar platform also supports ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) initiatives, which are increasingly becoming crucial for the sustainability and long-term success of companies.

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With the ability to access financial and business information anywhere and anytime, our mobile application makes doing business on the go easier. Odoo 4 Serbia offers advanced analytical tools that enable automated financial reporting, monitoring of business performance, and informed decision-making.

Unlike competitive solutions, the O4S Modular application is flexible and adaptable to users' specific needs so  users can easily manage all business functions in one place, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Key features

​Validated by an external auditor

When you choose us, you choose an accounting solution that has been rigorously tested and approved by an independent auditor. Our software has been proven to be accurate, reliable, and fully compliant with Serbian law.

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