eProcurement Platform

Streamline your procurement process with our integrated purchasing and procurement platform. 
Manage requests efficiently and track PO status with ease!

Two-step procurement process

With this solution, any of your employees can create a purchase requisition (step one) and submit it for approval to their managers. Once these requisitions are approved, your purchase department can initiate the second step by creating requests for quotations (RFQs) to vendors and selecting the best offer.

Multi level Approval

Multi-level approval lets you route requests to different approvers based on configurable business rules. For example, you might set a rule that says requests for small purchases need approval from the employee's manager only, while requests for large purchases need approval from the manager, department head and CFO.

Track the delivery status

By integrating with the inventory application, eProcurement platforms allow employees who create purchase requisitions to track received quantities and delivery status throughout the procurement process, reducing unnecessary internal communication and improving transparency.

Individual vs Group request

Employees can initiate individual purchase requisition requests based on their needs (individual request), or the Purchase Manager can initiate group requests to gather necessary equipment for the specific departments (i.e. personal protective equipment for Manufacturing department). 

Centralized communication

All communication related to the procurement process takes place within the system, enabling efficient and transparent communication between the employees internally as well as with the vendors externally. The system also automates notifications and reminders to keep the process moving forward.

Vendor Portal access

Empower vendors to update delivery dates and quantities via Portal, enabling better alignment and reducing costs. 

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