Data Driven Decision Support ERP ®

A new way to look at the data

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D3S ® - Fully integrated ERP solution

Data driven decision support system is built on top of Odoo platform, the world`s most popular open source ERP solution. Odoo is the only platform you will ever need to help run your business: Integrated apps, kept simple, and loved by millions of happy users.

With more than 7 million happy users worldwide Odoo will help your business grow by providing a great integrated solution for managing your CRM, Sales, Website/CMS, eCommerce, Accounting, Expenses, HR, Projects, MRP, POS, Purchase, Inventory and many more in one place.

Autocomplete & data enrich

We will automatically update your vendors and customers business data and KPIs

Decision support system

Have a full control over your business processes based on the specifically tailored business validation rules 

Automated Lead generation

Always keep your business department busy with automatically generated high quality leads

True power of AI

The system that learns about your business and predicts the outcome of the business opportunity

Autocomplete & data enrich

Decision support

Powered by AI

Automated Lead generation

One app for all business needs

Autocomplete & data enrich

Keeping your most important business data accurate and up-to-date

D3S ®  provides automatic enrichment and updates of your vendors and customers business data and their key performance indicators.

Make sure you always use an accurate address, company registry number, VAT/Tax number when issuing a customer invoice or vendor bill.

More importantly, D3S ®  will give you most relevant business insights of your prospects and contacts in terms of the company sector, size, credit performance, etc helping you to make a right business decision.

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Always updated

New information is available every 15 minutes from publicly available databases

Ready for analysis

Unified database that can be further analyzed either manually or by system


Always be notified about the changes that matter to you

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Decision making system assistant

Think broader. Act faster

D3S ®  will help you with making the right decisions while working with your prospects, customers and vendors.

Make sure your sales representative does not send an offer with low margin to the risky customer or prevent your billing department from making an advanced payment to the risky vendor.

D3S ®  will come with predefined business validation rules based on the industry type, company size and many other criteria.

Read more about various business validation cases

Work flexibility

Setup or change actions which are impacted by system help

Decision making

System will warn or block an operation in case of a undesired change


Get notified if operation gets blocked or selected parameters change


Use D3S® to  scale your business operations 

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Decision making

Powered by AI

D3S ®  learns about your business and calculates the probability of winning the deals based on the various criteria such as industry, sector, company size, company location, credit score, etc.

Maximize your Sales potential and put your most experienced sales people on the Opportunities with higher winning probability rate.

As your data grows, D3S ®  will become more and more accurate . Never again waste precious time of your sales force. 

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Power of ML

Real time machine calculation of success chance for particular job



Chose parameters which will affect Machine Learning algorithm 



Get notified in case of succession percentage change

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Lead Next Generation

Automated lead generation platform

Having more customers means having more profits.
Having more Leads means having more customers.
With D3S ® , you will keep your Sales department always busy.

Stop wasting time with the low quality Leads lists and start working with pre qualified Leads with all relevant business information to help you make right decisions.

Configure the Lead generation filter based on the industry, sector, location, company size, etc.

Schedule the frequency of the Lead generation and start growing your business.

Isn’t this much simpler than you thought?! Read more about supported countries

World-renowned credit scoring system 

Now available to everyone 

Protect your business from the potential failures and unacceptable levels of risk with the tools which were available only to the big companies before

D3S ® engine calculates and publishes state-of-the-art D3S® Company credit score which enables to assess and compare credit rating and reputation of vendors and potential customers and to focus business decisions only on the clients with acceptable levels of risk. 

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Already have an ERP solution?

No problem at all. Our system is built with the latest technologies, so it is completely possible to integrate it with any existing ERP solution on the market. Also, we provide a full blown API so you can integrate your own solutions with D3S ® . Call us for more information.

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