Customer Success Story: CinemaNext

How We Managed To Replace 8 Various Systems Of 26 CinemaNext Companies In Only 16 Months During The Worldwide Pandemic

It’s early spring 2020 and the ERP21 project is about to kick off.

At that point, the CinemaNext group consists of 26 companies, which differ in size and business processes with no consolidated way of functioning, reporting and collaboration, each operating in a different ERP solution and tools (SAP, Sage, Navision, 1C, Magento, Excel files, etc.). The main goal was to consolidate all that into one efficient system - Odoo.

Initial great start and strong enthusiasm got shattered by an unexpected guest – soon after the project started, a global Covid-19 pandemic broke out. And not only that – due to previous unstable implementations and limited budget, a drastic decision had been made by CinemaNext management – to launch the ERP within only a year. 

Plan A was a 3 times longer deadline – exactly 3 years. Due to this fact, many stakeholders did not believe this project would ever succeed. However, project implementation team proved them wrong.

How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A Time!

ERP21 project was divided into three lanes - ERP21 Core, ERP21 Finance and ERP21 eCommerce.

It took more than 500 completed tasks to manage scattered business processes and organization within countries. 

To put in perspective how a tremendous change in management the whole team was working on, just imagine this – you have a company whose stakeholders are geographically dislocated in 20+ countries speaking various languages. Many people are in charge of several things and perform multi-functional tasks, while each process depends on the other. All this – followed by different legislation systems.

Products migrated
Contacts migrated
Equipments managed
Sales orders

Expertise matters. But attitude wins the game.

The project involved serious preparation and provided a solution to the very complex business processes. This included the consolidation of the sales process across all CinemaNext companies and various sales channels (B2B, B2C, eCommerce) with full integration with the inventory management. Further to that, the system provided managing the complex Return material authorization (RMA), managing the Install base with the hierarchical structure of all installed equipment and its individual components, tracking intercompany flows despite various comprehensive legislation of countries, etc. 

It’s important to stress out that the outstanding cooperation between the Modoolar and Odoo SA team was crucial for the success of this major international project. Odoo SA experts were there to help out and share valuable advice whenever it was needed - their unconditional support in challenging moments was priceless.


As a result of 16 months of exquisite teamwork, persistence and ingenuity, Modoolar completely transformed the business process of one of the world’s largest cinema exhibition services companies – CinemaNext. 

Today, the CinemaNext group manages the operations of all 26 companies within one unified solution - Odoo.

The most impressive accomplishment is the fact Modoolar replaced more than eight software systems including legacy-developed ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage, SAP and Magento. All this – in 16 months.

What’s more, some of the ideas from the project were actually used as a basis for Odoo product improvement and were implemented in the future Odoo versions.

CinemaNext now works in Odoo, the premium open-source software that covers all the business processes. Its fluidity and full integration cover the needs of even the most complex companies and has enabled CinemaNext to have standardized reporting, real-time synchronization and common data, a much better security system, lower costs and highly upgraded collaboration, tracking and upsell opportunities. And these are just some of the key benefits.

As for the teams of CinemaNext and Modoolar, they proved it’s not always expertise that saves the day. It’s human compassion too and unbreakable team spirit that helped them finalize a massive international project in the middle of the global pandemic with almost unreal deadline.

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Customer Success Story: CinemaNext
Modoolar doo, Igor Jovanović January 6, 2023
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